Tournaments are suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions (no inter-group play).

Tournament Winners

2020 Eric Downer Memorial Stick Bonspiel

Your Bonspiel Committee would like to thank all the curlers who came out for the 2020 edition of the Eric Downer Memorial Fun Stick Bonspiel on March 9 th .

Venerables owe a debt to the ingenuity of Eric Downer and his curling stick invention for extending many curling careers. Where would this and virtually all other curling clubs be without the stick?

Thanks to the stick curlers who encouraged and shared their expertise with those of us making our annual foray using this delivery system.

For the second year in a row, congratulations to the winning skip Bryan Belyea. This year Bryan was joined by vice Ed Welch, second Brian Booth, and once again, lead Gary Sampson (picture below). In second place was skip Ted Lacelle, vice Andrew Stamler, second George Fernandez, and lead Erwin Psotka. In third place was skip Ron Warren, vice Orval White, second Art Palmateer, and lead Roy Cook.


VIC (TDSMCA) 2020 Closing Scramble

Another successful Scramble was held on February 28th. For those who may not be familiar with the Toronto & District Senior Men's Curling Association, this association started in 1959 (one of the founding members was the Tam O'Shanter Curling Club, now the Tam Heather Venerables) and currently consists of six clubs, Donalda, East York, Leaside, Richmond Hill, Unionville, and the Tam Heather Venerables.

At the Scramble, (held twice a season - Christmas & Year-End) all players are mixed, which means that each team will have four players, all from different clubs. Of the 47 curlers who attended this year-end fun event, 14 were Venerables who represented us very well.

The first-place team consisted of Venerable skip Bryan Belyea, vice John Brooks (Donalda), second Bob Bourdeau (Leaside), and lead Ron Charles (Richmond Hill). The second placed team (a three-man team) was made up of skip Gord Wirch (Richmond Hill), vice Ron Pearson (Leaside), and Venerable Imre Gaspar.

The grand finale to the evening was the presentation of two trophies. One was for the most points by a club during the regular season, and the second was the Roll-Off trophy, which goes to the club with the most roll-off (skills) points during the season. This year, both trophies were won by the Leaside club. For the next two seasons, the Leaside Club will be the Governing Club.



Another successful and fun VTEC (Venerables Team Entry Curling) season concluded on Friday February 21st with the final draw of playoffs, followed by the closing banquet.

Again, this year there were 3 Divisions (A, B and C) with 8 teams in each Division. For those not familiar with VTEC, teams play a 14-game Round Robin schedule followed by 2 playoff games. In the playoffs the top 4 teams in each Division competed for the Division Championship and the bottom 4 teams competed in a 2-game playoff to determine playoff money. It turned out that the three teams who led their Divisions after the fourteen-game round robin schedule also won their Division championships.

Round Robin Winners

•  "A" Division winner was Dave Hampton's team which included John Gibson (vice), Jim Tebo (second), and Lou Fracasso (lead).

•  "B" Division winner was John Harzenetter's team which included Cam Cowan (vice), Jack Frenette (second), and Chris French (lead).

•  "C" Division winner was Ron Den Houdyker's team which included Jim Cross (vice), Jay McDowell (second), and Erwin Psotka (lead).

Division Championships - Playoff Winners

•  "A" Division winner was Dave Hampton's team which included John Gibson (vice), Jim Tebo (second), and Lou Fracasso (lead).

•  "B" Division winner was John Harzenetter's team which included Cam Cowan (vice), Jack Frenette (second), and Chris French (lead).

•  "C" Division winner was Ron Den Houdyker's team which included Jim Cross (vice), Jay McDowell (second), and Erwin Psotka (lead).


Stewart & Helen Wheler Invitational Bonspiel 2020

On Monday, February 3rd, The Tam Heather Venerables hosted the 2020 edition of the Stewart and Helen Wheler Classic Invitational Bonspiel.

It was great to see some familiar faces from the outside teams of Peter Robb of Oshawa Downtown, Ernie Eason and Bob Fry from Thornhill, the ageless Bud Perry of The Royals, Ron McNeil and Dave Heasman of Toronto Police, Graham Baldwin of Donalda, and Tom Currie and Mark Kreger of East York. Special mention goes to Elio from East York, who pulled the Currie team together at the very last minute due to some medical issues from their original entry. Tam Heather was represented by Tony Baker, Jim Downs, Bill Fitz, Dave Hampton, Carson Klinck, Ray Moffitt, and Reg Pembleton. Thanks to all the teams who entered and made the day a success.

Many thanks and much appreciation to Ogden Funeral Homes for their continuing support of this bonspiel.

Tam Heather skip Dave Hampton was obviously not satisfied with his second-place finish last year, and walked away with first prize this year. This year, Dave's team consisted of John Gibson at vice, Jim Tebo at second and lead Henry Kiiskinen.


2020 President's Bonspiel

The 2020 edition of the President's Bonspiel took place during the week of January 6th to 10th. Twenty-two teams were formed from all four groups. The math dictated that twenty of the teams curled in the final day modified Tankard format and the two remaining teams vied for the Consolation Game title.

The Bonspiel Committee likes the Tankard format because it brings together curlers from all groups on the final day who normally don't cross paths. The Committee wanted to create a modified Tankard format that made a team's chances of realizing a monetary prize more attainable.

The A Group winning partnership had the combined team skipped by Les Hart and Ron Warren. Les's team consisted of vice Glenn Holmes, second Mike Hughes, and lead Tom Stephens. Ron's team consisted of vice Don Hills, second Geoffrey Fairbank, and lead Henry Kiiskinen (picture below).

B Group winners were the partnered teams of skips Vic Cuff and John McInall, vices Murray Hedges and Harold Bugdahn, seconds Robert McLeod and Frank Bell, and leads Ron Heino and Bob Spencer.

The winner of the Consolation Game was skip Fred Huggett, vice John Davidson, second Orval White, and lead Roger MacDonald.

2019 Christmas Skins Bonspiel

The 2019 edition of The Christmas Skins Bonspiel was held on Wednesday, December 11th. Sixty-four keen, highly talented curlers made up the 16 competitive teams. Thanks to all who signed up and came out for a great day of curling.

The skins format of scoring is an interesting change of pace from the usual day-to-day, and scores can change quite dramatically, especially in the later ends with carry-overs. You may think you're out of contention but winning the last couple of ends can make a significant difference.

Congratulations to the winning team of skip Steve Cummings, vice Ron Warren, second Al Gordon and lead Jay McDowell, racking up a two-game score of 33 points. In second place, by a slim single point, was the team skipped by Bob Griffith. Percy Baxter and Bill Wilkins were tied for third.

2019 Y Group Turkey Shoot

Once again, we had a full slate of Venerables from all groups curling for turkeys with the "Y" group. The eight teams were ably led by Don Eto, Dave Abrams, Dusan Lenghardt, Reg Pembleton, Cam Cowan, John Hartzenetter, Fred Huggett and Wally Kosciejew. Half the teams won turkeys (sorry if they were bigger than we expected), and half chose from a variety of wines.

Thank you to Glenn Holmes, John Davidson, and George Dinova for helping organize this event again this year. Thanks also to Len Lamanna at Lady York foods on Dufferin for supplying such beautiful "birds" for us!

2019 X W Z Group Turkey Shoot

The 2019 Turkey Shoot for W, X and Z Groups took place on Monday, December 2nd. Fierce competition was generated by 27 curlers from W Group, 22 from X and 24 from Z.

For this bonspiel, all entry fees are distributed as prizes. The winning team in each group receives 60% of the total prize money, 30% to the second-place team, and the rest goes to the highest individual scores from a non-prize-winning teams.

The first-place team from W Group (in order: Skip, Vice, Second, Lead) consisted of Reg Pembleton, Wayne Black, Greg Tracey and William Swire. In second place, Larry Lyons, Reid Thomas, Doug Fisher and Randy Sumners. Highest individual score was Wayne Black.

The first-place team from X Group was Duane Richards, Ed Welch, John Brittain and Bob Freckleton. The second-place team was Dave Wilmot, Ron Warren and Geoff Fairbank. Highest individual score was Ron Warren.

The first-place team from Z Group was Grant Ardern, George Fernandez, and Mike Hughes. In second place was a tie between the two teams. One was Frank Kilroy, Mike Campolieto, Jack Brown and Brock Stackhouse. The other team was Steve Cummings, Carman Chisamore, and Bill Carmichael. Highest individual score was a tie between Jim Thomas and George Fernandez.

Special mention goes to Ron Warren of X Group, who casually scored a perfect skill score of 16, without breaking a sweat. Coming very close to perfection were Bob Freckleton, Jim Thomas and George Fernandez, each with scores of 15 points.

Memorial Bonspiel 2019

A sad fact of life means we lose curling friends over any period. The Memorial Bonspiel (April 8 - 12) allows us to briefly pause and reflect upon this. For the Memorial Ceremony, Jack Grant read out the names of our departed friends, and Venerables. President Fel Raimondo rang the bell for each name, plus one more ring for anyone we may have missed.

On behalf of the Bonspiel Committee, in the persons of Peter Tibando, George Fernandez, Fred Huggett and Jim Cross, thanks to all participating curlers for coming out and supporting this event.

Ten teams entered from W group, six teams from X, and four teams each from Y and Z. All teams were paired for a 10-end game on Friday Tankard Day. The Tankard Day has curlers who may not see each other on a regular basis become teammates for a game.

Congratulations to the winning pair of teams from X group. Skips Al Gibson and Bill Wilkins, vices Ed Welch and Ken Waddell, seconds Ron Warren and John Walker, and leads Erwin Psotka and Rob Slater. This was Rob Slater's second win in a row!

The Bonspiel Committee wishes you a safe and relaxing summer, and we hope to see you at our events next season.

Season Ending Mixed Up Tournament (SEMUT) 2019

Our 5th Annual S.E.M.U.T. Tournament came to a conclusion on Friday March 29.

We again had 40 Venerables competing for the $480.00 in prize money.

This year's winners were Jim Cross, Jim Downs and Wayne Black. Wayne successfully defended last year's win and hopes to THREEPEAT in 2020. They were on a winning team in all four games. ($24.00 each)

In second place ($21.00) was Bill Wilkins. Third place ($18.00) was occupied by a large number of players. Only three curlers came up empty.

We hope to see you all again next year.


2019 Ross Ellis & im Young Bonspiel

The 2019 edition of the Ross Ellis and Jim Young Senior Men's Bonspiel took place on Wednesday, March 27th.

The Ross Ellis Division is open to teams with a combined age of 280+ years. Participating teams were Ernie Eason from Thornhill, Garry Wright from Bayview, Jim Hobbs from Uxbridge, Bryan Emery from Unionville, Joshua Mudrick from East York and the Tam Heather teams of Ray Moffitt, Carson Klinck, Dave Hampton, and Bill Fitz. Enthusiastically participating was the team skipped by Glenn Brubacher from the Kawarthas.

The Jim Young Division is open to teams whose members are at least 50 years young. There were the teams of Bill Goodchild of Toronto Police, Graham Baldwin from Donalda, and the Tam Heather teams of John Ellis, John Thompson, Jim Downs and Tony Baker.

The two divisions were combined to play two eight-end games.

Our special guest, Kelly James of Del Manor, presented donated door prizes. Many thanks to Kelly and Del Manor for their support of this bonspiel.

The Winner of the Ross Ellis was the team from Uxbridge. Skip Doug White, vice Jim Hobbs, second Bob Lemottee and lead Dave Fleming.

The Winner of the Jim Young Division was the team from Donalda, Skip Graham Baldwin, vice Brian Merriman, second Stan Maj and lead Frank Mcllhone.

We would like to express our gratitude to the visiting clubs and fellow Tam members for supporting this spiel and look forward to their return in the coming years.




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