2021/2022 Membership Applications now opened for Registration

As the Pandemic changes our curling world, the Venerables Board of Directors' commitment, focus, and determination does not.

Road Map 2021 for the Venerables

Late summer and fall 2020 saw us remarkably busy dealing with the new curling and health protocols, only to have our efforts to come down to one or two practice sessions, a shutdown, and finally closure.

We have created a plan or a road map for 2021. We expect that Tam will open and we expect to operate both Tag Draws and VTEC.

We will need your participation and responses at each step.

We are definitely navigating unknown territory, but without a general roadmap of things that are going to unfold, we can get lost. Uncertainty requires patience but a general rule of thumb is that if there is uncertainty on the horizon, then one needs a strategic plan to provide a vision going forward.

There are many outstanding questions where we just don't know the answers….yet. Nonetheless, the road map will keep us focused and enable us to build a plan that all of us can follow.

The Road Map

April 15th Registration forms and instructions for Tag Draw and VTEC will be sent to all previous and new members. Details will be included.
May 31st Last day to receive registration forms from all of those whose intent is to curl this fall and/ or play in VTEC. Include a post-dated cheque for Sept. 1 st because there will be a right to withdraw.
June 15th Share the results with all members and resulting actions needed.
August/Sep Share Public Health and Curling Safety protocols as soon as we know. The Venerables Board of Directors will prepare and share the actions needed.
September 14th Golf Tournament (tentatively).
September 22nd AGM for the last two years.
September 29th VTEC meeting.
October Opening (date TBD).

Stay healthy and stay safe!

2021–2022 Registration Forms:

Click the  links   below:


  1. The revised the Registration form
  2. The Declaration of Compliance – COVID-19
  3. The Curling Canada – Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims and Indemnity Agreement (Click Here for 1,2,3 Forms)

Return to Play Information:

If you have not already notified Venerables of your intention to curl, you must contact our membership chair ( before arriving at the club in order to pre-register.


Curl For Life

Curling is a great sport for any age. Many of our members learned to curl after 50 years of age. Give it a try. With close to 200 members we offer an entire community of new friends and we are always ready to welcome new curlers.

Tam Heather Venerables Men's Curling Club (Venerables) is the senior day men's league at Tam Heather Curling and Tennis Club, and operates separately from Tam. The Venerables offer men of age 50 years and older an open and flexible approach to daytime men's curling. Venerables are also welcome to curl in Tam's two other daytime senior mixed leagues.


  • operate from mid-October to mid-April 5 days per week
  • play in a choice of one of three (3) tag draw groups
  • may play in optional Venerables in-house bonspiels
  • are welcome to play in Tam's senior daytime mixed leagues (additional fee)
  • may play in optional competitive Venerables Team Entry Curling (VTEC)
  • may play in optional Venerables Inter-Club (VIC) curling in the Toronto District Senior Men's Association (TDSMCA). Curl with senior men at six clubs in the East Toronto GTA
  • play various game formats such as Scotch Doubles or Skins

With approximately 200 active members Tam Heather Venerables is one of the largest senior men's curling clubs in Ontario.

Venerables current annual fee is $350 for new members and $385 for returning members. A pro-rated fee is applied if one joins during the year.

We offer a free trial of 3 games to experience the fun of curling before deciding to join. Novices are encouraged to try this option. A current Venerable will help you learn to curl, if needed.

Curlers can deliver stones from the hack or through the use of a delivery stick. The use of a stick allows a curler to deliver the curling stone while standing, thereby making the sport more accessible to those with bad knees or backs, or who are new to the sport.

Game Formats

Venerables Group Tag Draws

Tam Heather Venerables curlers are divided into three groups. Each curler specifies their preferred group on the  application form  based on the day and time they want to play. Each group plays in two regular time slots per week. You may play in a different group provided there is a space available.

In tag draws, curlers are not attached to a set team. Each day after arriving at the club, you place your tag on the board. Board Captains sort the players tags into balanced teams based on players' experience and skills for each draw fifteen minutes before play begins. Tag draw allow members to meet and play more members.

Venerables In-House Bonspiels

There are several in-house Venerables bonspiels throughout the curling season. Any member can sign up for these bonspiels (at an additional fee), enjoy the competitive spirit, and meet curlers from the other groups. The emphasis is on fun and, in addition to recognizing the winning teams, lunch and a prize-table are usually included. In-house bonspiels include: skins, turkey shoot, President's Tankard, stick, SEMUT, and Memorial.

Tam Heather Daytime Mixed Tag Draws

Venerables may also play in the two senior day mixed leagues at Tam Heather. There is a tag league on Thursdays and a stick league on Wednesdays. Please see Tam Heather's website for more details by clicking here .

Venerables Team Entry Curling (VTEC)

VTEC is a Friday morning competitive league made up of teams formed for the season. VTEC has three divisions, operates for 16 weeks, and has two draws per season. The playoffs at the end of the season determine trophies and prize money for all the teams in each division.

Venerables Interclub Curling (VIC) with the Toronto District Senior Men's Curling Association (TDSMCA)

VIC (Venerables Interclub Curling) is a Friday afternoon competitive league that plays at six East Toronto curling clubs. The location rotates weekly from club to club with member clubs sending one representative team each. The league also plays two scrambles per season which mixes players from different clubs on each team. The league plays for points and has a weekly skills competition for prize money.

Venerables Mixed-Up Game Formats

Venerables also provides the opportunity to play other types of curling game formats such as Scotch Doubles , Skins, Stick.



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