Club History

Tam Heather Venerables is a club for retired or semi-retired men aged 50 or older. The Venerables name comes originally from a group of about thirty retired school teachers, who rented sheets of ice from the Tam Heather Curling & Tennis Club around 1978. The Club was first formally constituted to meet the requirement to qualify for a government grant to purchase equipment in 1981. At the first formal meeting of the Club the name was confirmed, the constitution was approved, the first ten directors were elected and the grant submission was approved. The grant was duly received not just for curling equipment but also for tables and chairs to promote the social activities of the Club. In order to assure its members of better price stability Tam Heather Venerables became a separate entity from the Curling and Tennis Club in 2003, and entered year over year fixed contracts for ice time independent of the size of its membership.

The Club is one of the largest senior men's curling clubs in Ontario and probably the world. Our size allows us to:

  1. maintain reasonable membership fees
  2. provide a range of convenient day-time ice times during the week
  3. ensure there are always sufficient members to make up several teams in every timeslot

While now separately constituted Tam Heather Venerables is still proud to be associated with the Tam Heather Curling & Tennis and Club.


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